H1B VISA Application

What is H1B visa?

The H1B visa is a non-immigrant working visa issued to U.S. companies as permission to employ foreign workers. In H1B application, the company will the applicant, and the employee is only the beneficiary. Therefore, employees must first have the employer’s consent before applying for H1B visas. Due to the large demand of H1B visa, all applicants must go through a lottery process every April, and a total of 85,000 slots will be available (20,000 are reserved for graduate student).

Evan small, start-up company will suffice

Unlike L, EB-2, or EB-3, H1B has a simple requirement for companies as applicants. As long as the company is legally registered in the United States and is actually operating, it will be eligible to apply for H1B visa. Based on the analysis of GOH1B team, the USCIS sometimes favored small and start-up companies over the large ones because they can create more job opportunities in the United States. The GOH1B lawyer team is experienced in handling H1B applications for small companies: more than 60% of the cases that we processed each year came from small and medium-sized enterprises.

Catering to the latest H1B policy greatly reduces RFE probability

The GOH1B team has handled a large number of H1B application cases and is capable of successfully reducing the RFE rate by adjusting the plan in accordance with the latest policy. We have summarized the following points to increase your odds:

  • Avoid Level 1 Wage
  • Make sure the package arrives on the first weekday in April
  • Petition letter must be exhaustive, detailed, and fact-based
  • The company must have a physical worksite

Service Process


Organizing materials

Once you made the payment online, the attorney will reach out to you within 2 hours via phone call or e-mail. After speaking with you, the attorney will design a personalized application schedule and plan based on your background and need.


Preparing and customizing materials

The attorney will apply for LCA, fill in all the forms, and write a respond letter based on the beneficiary and the company’s background. After second review, the documents will be sent back to the beneficiary and the company to sign.


Sending package and cheques

The attorney will help the company to prepare the necessary check, reconfirm the amount, packing and delivering the materials. The company and the beneficiary will be notified immediately when the receipt is delivered.


Approval granted

We will always keep our clients posted via phone call or e-mail.