H1B Extension

100% success rate

We have a 100% success rate for H1B extension application. In 2018, despite the more rigorous H1B policy, we still uphold such a prefect record. We have handled over 200 H1B extension cases and help the clients to maintain their legal status in the U.S..

Optimizing the plan

Due to the change of policy, we will need to prepare new materials and design new immigration plan to accommodate the changes compared to 3 years ago.

Stepping stone for your future Green Card

Our team dedicated only to H1B applications, but we will also consider our client’s background and future plans. Specifically, we will make every effort to minimize the risk for clients who are waiting for green card.

Success Story

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Case 1

B decided to start a new position at a start-up company two years after obtaining his first H1B, so we applied both extension and change of employer for him at the same time while renewing his visa. B used to work as a software engineer, which is unrelated to his new position of project manager. After studying B’s background, the GoH1B team conclude that his current job duties are actually closely linked to his old position because it involves software development. Therefore, we prepared a few business plan and elaborated on his job description as well as his professional proficiency, having his package delivered in less than 2 weeks. Finally, B’s H1B extension and change of employer applications were both approved in 3 months.


Service Process


Organizing materials

Once you made the payment online, the attorney will reach out to you within 2 hours via phone call or e-mail. After speaking with you, the attorney will design a personalized application schedule and plan based on your background and need.


Preparing and customizing materials

The attorney will fill in the I-129 application form (with the I-907 form in case of expedition) and write a respond letter based on the beneficiary and the company’s background. After second review, the documents will be sent back to the beneficiary and the company to sign.


Sending package and cheques

The attorney will help the company to prepare the necessary check, reconfirm the amount, packing and delivering the materials. The company and the beneficiary will be notified immediately when the receipt is delivered.


Approval granted

We will always keep our clients posted via phone call or e-mail. The extension will be approved successfully.