Who is GoH1b

Dream Legal Group (DBA GOH1B.com) is the exclusive customer service brand of the officially registered law firm Luo & Associates Law Group, P.C. (“Luo & Associates”). All GOH1B clients applications are processed by licensed lawyers at Luo & Associcates. Our mission here is to provide efficient, high-quality legal service at a reasonable cost. We are committed to growth through excellence in customer service. Clients are encouraged to ask questions and to stay informed about their case.

Why Choose us?

In 2018, Goh1b had successfully helped hundreds of international students to obtain H-1B work visas throughout the United States. Unlike traditional law firms, the Luo & Associates law firm focuses more on H-1B applications and predicts the difficulties and trends of the application through a number of hands-on case studies and data model analyses. Many of our clients are from small and medium-sized companies. That is why Goh1b customized each applications according to their different positions, professions, and company situations, maximizing the pass rate. In 2018, our direct application rate for H-1B customers was over 55%, and the total pass rate was as high as 95.2%. We are dedicated to understanding and meeting client needs in the fast-changing legal environment.

The GoH1b Team

Goh1b has a number of highly qualified licensed attorneys who specialize in providing professional legal services for H-1B Visa. We also have a lot of experience in other visas such as O-1, J-1 and L-1. Our lawyers have represented companies and individuals throughout the United States in connection with employment and family-based visa petitions and applications.To learn more about the lawyers in Goh1b, Please click here. Since immigration law is federal in nature, our law firm can professionally represent clients on matters located anywhere within or outside the U.S. To learn more about immigration policy please visit the official website of the USCIS.