H1B Transfer

Comprehensive Review

We have handled over 50 change of employer cases and have a successful rate over 95%. We strongly recommend that our clients apply 2-3 months in advance before changing their jobs. With expedition service, they will be allowed to work in the new company in 15 days.

Customized personal application

Once the application is approved, the beneficiary will be able to change his/her employer at will in the next 6 years, as long as the new employer is willing to provide H1B sponsorship. The application should be initiated before hooping to a new job, and the receipt should be obtained before starting the job.
The applicant will need to provide I-797 approval notice, the W2 form from the old company, as well as the payroll in recent 3-4 months. The application fee is not waived, but the beneficiary will be exempted from lottery.

Increasing the successful rate

The H1B visa is a non-immigrant working visa issued to U.S. companies as permission to employ foreign workers. H1B visa will allow the beneficiary to work in the United States legally for 3 years and can be extended for another 3 years. In H1B application, the company will the applicant, and the employee is only the beneficiary. Therefore, employees must first have the employer’s consent before applying for H1B visas.

Service Process


Organizing materials

Once you made the payment online, an attorney will reach out to you within 2 hours via phone call or e-mail. After speaking with you, the attorney will design a personalized application schedule and plan based on your background and need. The attorney will also reach out to your company to collect all necessary information and fill-in the ETA form 9035 in LCA.

Preparing and customizing materials

The attorney will fill in the I-129 application form (with the I-907 form in case of expedition) and write a respond letter based on the beneficiary and the company’s background. After second review, the documents will be sent back to the beneficiary and the company to sign.


Sending package and cheques

The attorney will help the company to prepare the necessary check and reconfirm the amount. The company and the beneficiary will be notified immediately when the receipt is delivered.


Tracking the results

We will always keep our clients posted via phone call or e-mail.