L1 visa, a pathway to EB-1C green card

L1 visa is designated for international companies that intend to transfer their skilled workers or executives to U.S. offices from overseas. Unlike H1B, L1 visa has no numerical cap, and applicants can apply throughout the year. L1 holders are also often qualified for the EB-1C green card, which currently has no waiting period (visa bulletin is [...]

H1b Visa

H1b Visa H1b is a visa that allows U.S. employers to temporarily hire foreign workers in their specialty occupations. It is required that the applicant possess specialized knowledge and a bachelor's degree or the equivalent of work experience. A person in H-1B status must be continuously employed by an employer in order to maintain their [...]

What does H1B RFE mean?

What does H1B RFE mean? RFE means "Request for Evidence", so H1B RFE means USCIS sends the applicant a request for evidence for H1B Case. H1B RFE supplemental material is USCIS 'summary of the H1B application or petitions: Additional material and evidence from the H1B applicant or petitions are required to determine whether or not [...]

Top Companies that Sponsor H1B Visa in 2022

Top Companies that Sponsored H1B Visas in 2022   Getting H1B sponsorship is a primary concern for international students who want to work in the U.S. Many students found themselves being rejected by companies simply because of their international status. International students are facing a brutal reality that most companies tend to hire domestic workers [...]

Trump has made the H1B Visa extension more difficult

  Recently, the trump administration has made it harder to renew non-immigrant visas such as H1B Visa and L1 Visa, which are popular with Indian it professionals. "This memo makes clear that the burden of proof remains with the applicant even in the event of an extension of non-immigrant status," the USCIS said in its [...]

2018 outlook for the H1B worker in Trump’s America

What new shocks will 2018 bring for India’s temporary workers in Trump’s America?The answer rests on two legs: Which rung of the temp worker caste system you’re talking from and whether you’re taking a 30 year view of immigration in America or a longer one.On the political side, with the Mueller investigation on the verge of [...]

H1B visa reform could encourage companies to hire more American workers

The house judiciary committee voted to bring the Protect and Grow American Jobs Act to the full house floor for consideration after nearly a year of hard work with two other H1B visa reform bills. Issa's bill addressed the problem of H1B visa abuses, raising the minimum annual wage for H1B visa holders to $90,000 [...]

Workers with H1B Visa may work for more than one employer: USCIS

Indian immigration authorities said that foreign workers in the United States with H1B work visas may work for multiple companies. The H1B visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows U.S. companies to hire foreign workers in areas of expertise that require theoretical or technical expertise. Technology companies rely on H1B work visas to hire tens [...]

No change in H1B visa system: US

In the wake of India's H1B visa row, US government said on Friday that the law on the H1B visa system had not changed and remained the same. So far, no legislation has been passed on such visas, said acting deputy assistant secretary of state for South Asian Thomas Vajda. Vajda said: "(There is) no change in [...]