L1 visa, a pathway to EB-1C green card

L1 visa is designated for international companies that intend to transfer their skilled workers or executives to U.S. offices from overseas. Unlike H1B, L1 visa has no numerical cap, and applicants can apply throughout the year. L1 holders are also often qualified for the EB-1C green card, which currently has no waiting period (visa bulletin is current) for applicants from mainland China. Applicants can get their green card within a year at the soonest.

If your company has a branch abroad or plans to establish an office in the U.S., L1 visa is the best option for bringing in talents. You can find out more information on USCIS’s website: https://www.uscis.gov/forms/explore-my-options/l-visas-l-1a-and-l-1b-for-temporary-workers