Attorney Agreement

This Limited Scope Representation Agreement (“Attorney Agreement”) governs your relationship with the independent immigration attorney (“Attorney”) retained by Dream Legal Group Inc. (“Service Provider”) to review your O-1 application documents before they are delivered to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”). These attorneys are independent practitioners.  They will exercise their independent judgment as attorneys, without influence or control by Service Provider.  Your relationship with Service Provider is governed by the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

By agreeing to have an attorney review your application documents, you and the Attorney enter into a limited attorney-client relationship.  The Attorney agrees to assist you in filling out government forms and conduct a basic review of the O-1 application documents you have submitted.  The Attorney agrees to provide, for a flat fee clearly disclosed to you prior to payment, the following services:

  1. Filling out the I-129 Forms and relevant supplements;
  2. Reviewing the supporting documents, you have drafted and submitted for completeness and consistency with the forms prior to filing;
  3. Answering questions about the forms and supporting documents that you have submitted for the Attorney’s review.

The Scope of Service does not include responses to Request For Evidence, appeals, motions, rebuttals to proposed denials, deportation, removal, exclusion or proceedings other than those specified above.

Upon the Attorney’s receipt of all or any portion of the flat fee as indicated in the attached receipt, the funds are the property of the Attorney and will not be placed in a trust account.  The fact that you have paid Service Fees in advance does not affect your right to terminate the attorney-client relationship.  If your relationship with the Attorney is terminated before the agreed legal services above have been completed, you may or may not have a right to a refund of a portion of that fee.

Client understand that it is responsible for government filing fees and mailing fees.  Additional costs, not included in the attorney fees, and payable before filing, include but not limited to:  I-129 Filing Fee, Premium Processing Fee (optional), O-2/O-3 Filing Fee, and Advisory Opinion Fees.

The Attorney must act in your best interest and give you competent assistance.  However, the Attorney’s representation of you is limited to the scope described above.  The Attorney will not perform any additional legal work for you, such as representing you in any proceeding before any court or government agency, including USCIS. If you are the foreign worker, you must be certain that your O-1 employer/agent is fully aware the scope of the Services prior to filing the O-1 application.

  1. The Attorney is relying entirely on the facts, information and documents you and/or your employer provide.  The Attorney will not make any independent investigation of your and/or your employer’s facts or information, or the authenticity of any documents you provide.  It is therefore extremely important that you and/or your employer are completely truthful as to any information you provide.
  2. The Attorney is not promising you a favorable result.
  3. The Attorney is not required to help you and/or your employer/agent with any other part of your needs or any other legal questions you and/or your employer may have.
  4. The Attorney’s representation of you and/or your employer ends when Service Provider delivers your O-1 application document to USCIS or when the Attorney advises against filing the documents.

This Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of New York without giving effect to any choice or conflict of law provision that would cause the application of Laws of any jurisdiction other than those of the State of New York.

Any dispute arising out of or relating to this Agreement, or breach thereof, shall be settled by arbitration administered by the American Arbitration Association in accordance with its Arbitration Rules.

Client’s Consent

I have read this Limited Scope Representation Agreement and I understand it. By clicking on the “I agree” box, I indicate my consent to the terms of this agreement, that the legal services listed above are the only legal services to be provided by the Attorney. I understand and agree that the attorney who is helping me with these services is not my attorney for any other purpose and does not have to give me more legal help.

I understand that the fee described on the Dream Legal Group’s website is my payment for the services of the Attorney (“Attorney Fee”). I agree to pay the Attorney Fee to the Attorney.

By consenting to the terms of this Agreement, I grant Dream Legal Group the permission to receive, store, forward, and review communications between myself and the Attorney, solely for the purpose of facilitating such communications and the Attorney’s services under this Agreement. I understand that Dream Legal Group has agreed to keep such communications and the information contained therein confidential to at least the same level of privacy as required by the Attorney under the laws and rules governing the Attorney’s communications with me. To the extent this Agreement conflicts with the Privacy Policy, this Agreement controls.